Crisis 2001 Tour: February - August 2001

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Last update: 17 August 2001


This is the story of how one man - Ian Hadden - dealt with the mid-life crisis of his 40th birthday.


Whether or not you are inspired by it, I hope you at least enjoy the pictures.


Please make a selection from the menu on the left, or browse below, and enjoy your journey.



Here's what you can find in the site:

1. Sri Lanka (February 2001)

Learning to swim with the Shaw Method

2. Tanzania (March 2001)

Roaming the Serengeti, climbing Kilimanjaro (click here for photos only)

3. Borneo (March 2001)

Jungle, leeches, separatist guerrillas etc. (click here for photos only)

4. Belfast (April 2001)


5. Vienna (April 2001)

Systemic Management Conference

6. California (May 2001)

One ordination and a wedding

7. Kerry (May 2001)


8. Portugal (June 2001)



9. Tuscany (June 2001)

And so, the crisis: now I am forty (click here for photos only)

10. California (July 2001)

NLP and Vipassana meditation

11. London (August 2001)

Method acting